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Tortoiseshell Reading Glasses

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There are many styles available in the i-perfect range, including metal frames, retro styles and plenty of colourful reading glasses. However, some of our most consistently popular models come from our selection of tortoiseshell reading glasses.

Tortoiseshell is a timeless and classic style that first became popular back in the 1950’s, and has enjoyed a renaissance in the last couple of years. The black, brown and multi-coloured flecks that characterize tortoiseshell look great with any outfit, and they also provide a modern and sophisticated look.

Tortoiseshell reading glasses can be worn by both men and women, as the style is completely unisex and is also popular with celebrities both past and present!

Classic Tortoiseshell reading glasses

Tortoiseshell reading glasses can vary in style, and there are several models in the i-perfect range providing this look.

Antigua Reading Glasses

For a classic tortoiseshell frame, try our Antigua reading glasses which is one of our best-selling models.

These glasses offer a predominantly brown frame with flecks of black and lighter patches of brown and white and they will great for those with a lighter or pale skin tone.

Antigua reading glasses are manufactured from high quality polycarbonate, so they are lightweight and durable and perfect for everyday use. T

They have a lens width of 50mm, which means they will fit most face sizes and they are also extremely competitively priced at just £6.99 per pair.

You can read further details about lens width in our reading glasses size guide.

Dark Tortoise reading glasses

Another popular style of tortoiseshell reading glasses from i-perfect is our Trinidad model, which comes in two different styles.

Trinidad 1 offers a very distinctive look that is quite different from Antigua with patches of caramel, red, brown and black as part of the tortoiseshell frame.

In contrast, the tortoiseshell pattern on Trinidad 2 is much darker, with a predominantly black frame flecked with patches of grey and brown. This exciting style also has a medium size lens width so they will suit most face sizes and they are priced at just £5.50 per pair.

Tinted Tortoiseshell reading glasses

Tinted reading glasses are a great solution for reading and close up work in sunny and bright conditions.

Tinted Tortoiseshell reading glasses

Our Valencia model offers the same style as Antigua, with a classic tortoiseshell frame combined with tinted lenses that offer UV400 protection.

Perfect for reading your favourite book out in the garden or when on holiday!

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