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Frameless reading glasses

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Frameless or rimless reading glasses have been popular since the 1880’s, and it is a timeless style that has remained popular until the present day.

One of the most noticeable features of most pairs of frameless reading glasses is that they are extremely lightweight as there is no frame. This means they are very comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time, with less pressure on the bridge of the nose.

Clean lines

Frameless reading glasses have often been used to portray individuals of a high intellect, and they are certainly suitable for people looking for a clean, stylish and sophisticated look.

The lack of a frame provides a wider field of vision, and although all of our glasses are suitable for both men and women we have featured our Grenada model as one of the recommended styles of reading glasses for men.

Grenada reading glasses

 Grenada provides an extremely sophisticated and modern style, with the lenses mounted directly on to the arms and bridge of the glasses.

This style is available in gold, silver or black, with the glasses manufactured to an extremely high standard with a spring-hinged, metal frame and a very comfortable fit.

All Grenada models have recently been added to our Clearance range with a discount of over 50% so they are now available for £4.25 including a complimentary pouch.

Bermuda reading glasses

One of the other styles of frameless reading glasses in the i-perfect range is the Bermuda model.

Bermuda reading glassesBermuda reading glasses are manufactured from polycarbonate, so they are extremely lightweight and feel almost weightless during use. They sit very comfortably on your nose so can be worn for longer periods.

One of the other noticeable features of Bermuda reading glasses is that they have a very narrow lens width of just 42mm. This means they are suitable for people with a small or narrow face, providing a snug fit as well as a transparent look.

Bermuda reading glasses are available with black arms (Bermuda 1) or grey arms (Bermuda 2) and are also now part of our Clearance range.

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