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Ladies Reading Glasses

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Ladies Reading Glasses

Ladies reading glasses need to look great and help you feel good as well as help you out in office meetings and in day to day life.

As mentioned in our post on men’s reading glasses, none of the styles in the i-perfect range are designed specifically for men or women. However, there may be some models that ladies will prefer so we have put together a few recommendations from our range.

Tortoiseshell Ladies Reading Glasses

The black, brown and multi-coloured flecks of tortoiseshell is a timeless style, and our Antigua model is one of the most popular styles in our range.

Antigua Reading Glasses - £6.99

Antigua offers a tortoiseshell coloured frame, with patches of light brown and white and are great for those with a lighter skin tone.

Tortoiseshell is a completely unisex style, so these glasses are extremely popular with ladies and are ideal for everyday use. They have a lens width of 50mm so they fit most face sizes and are available for just £6.99 per pair.


Lightweight Ladies Reading Glasses

Reading glasses with a black frame are a great option as this colour never really goes out of style and they are great for day to day use or more formal wear.

Martinique Reading Glasses - £6.99


Our Martinique model combines a black frame with a narrow lens and a sleek and modern design. They are built to a very high standard with a lightweight polycarbonate frame and a built in nose pad.

Martinique is also available for just £6.99 per pair, and with a lens width of 48mm they are perfect for those with a slightly narrower face.


Colourful Ladies Reading Glasses

If you are looking for some colourful ladies reading glasses, then our Nuoro models are worth considering.

Nuoro 1 Reading Glasses - £7.99


This trendy and contemporary design is available in two different colours, so you can choose from the red and black patterned frame of Nuoro 1 or the stylish black and grey frame of Nuoro 2.

These glasses are great to really make a statement, and as they are priced at just £7.99 per pair you could try both colours to see which you prefer!

Check out some of the other colourful reading glasses in our range which includes our Milan and Naples models.


Cheap Ladies Reading Glasses


Many of the other models in the i-perfect range are suitable as ladies reading glasses, including several styles now available in our Clearance range.

Our funky Lavender Dream model (pictured below) has a deep blue and black frame, so this is another great option if you would like to combine colour as well as style. Our Haiti model is another great option for ladies, with a metal frame and availability in black, lilac and brown.


Lavender Dream Reading Glasses


Both of these models are available for just £3.99, so why not check out the rest of our reading glasses range to get the look that suits you best.

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