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Do I need reading glasses?

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If the restaurant menu, the daily paper or your favourite magazine now needs to be held at a distance from your eyes that is longer than your arms, then it is probably time to seriously ask if you need to consider getting some reading glasses.

What is presbyopia?

As we get older, the muscles in our eyes become less flexible and age related changes mean that the lens becomes less elastic and harder over time. This process is known as presbyopia, and makes it more difficult to focus on objects up close and in the near field of vision.

Presbyopia should not be confused with being far-sighted, or hyperopia, as this is also characterised by difficulty in focusing on objects up close.

Hyperopia can affect people of all ages, and is caused by a number of factors including the cornea not being sufficiently curved, the eyeball being shorter than normal or the lens being too thin.

As presbyopia is an age related process, it most commonly affects people over the age of 40, and even if you have enjoyed perfect vision throughout childhood and early adult life you may still require reading glasses to correct your vision in later years.

Getting your eyes checked

Although there are many tests available online that claim to save time and provide a guide to the strength of your eyes, if you are aged over 40 then it is recommended to have a regular eye examination and check-up.

Your local optician will be able to provide a professional service, and as well as identifying any changes in your vision they will monitor the long term health of your eyes.

Reading glasses strengths

The strength of reading glasses is measured in dioptres, so you will receive a measurement of between +1.0 and +4.0 which indicates the strength of lens you will require.

Although there is a wide range of dioptres available, most people will require a strength between +1.0 and +3.0. Presbyopia will typically start as a minor vision impairment and worsen over time, so if you are looking for your first pair of reading glasses then it is likely you will need a weaker strength.

I-perfect reading glasses are provided in a range of styles and colours and all models are available in a variety of lens strengths. There are models suitable for both men and women, and with prices starting at just £5.99 per pair you can also make some fantastic savings by buying online!

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