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Reading Glasses Size Guide

Reading glasses come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the right frame size for your glasses is just as important as choosing your favourite style, colour and the correct power you need.

Your reading glasses should be a comfortable fit around the temple and ears, sit easily on the bridge of your nose and your eyes should be aligned with the centre of the lenses to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from your glasses.

Reading Glasses Measurements

All i-perfect reading glasses have measurements relating to the lens width, bridge width and temple length, so these numbers will give a very good guideline to the size of the glasses.

An example of this is from our Martinique glasses, one of our most popular models with measurements of 49 - 23 - 130.

The first number is the lens width, which is the key measurement as this shows the width of one of the lenses and gives the best indication of the total width of the frame.

The lens width can vary between 42mm and 54mm and we have used this to prepare this useful at-a-glance reading glasses size guide to the I-Perfect range.

Model Measurements Suitable for


 42 - 20 - 128 Small / Narrow
Boston reading glasses Boston  47 - 18 - 132 Small / Narrow
Martinique 49 - 23 - 130 Medium
Washington 49 - 21 - 131 Medium
Antigua 52 - 18 - 145 Medium

Nuoro 1

Nuoro 2

51 - 19 - 140 Medium
Modena 51 - 20 - 145 Medium

Milan 1

Milan 2

50 - 19 - 140 Medium


Como 1

Como 2

52 - 17 - 136 Medium / Wide
Verona 52 - 19 - 140 Medium / Wide
Jamaica 1 50 - 20 - 140 Medium / Wide


Small / Narrow Faces

If you have a small or narrow face, then a pair of glasses that is too large or too wide will not sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose and will provide an irritation when they slip down.

It is therefore important to select a suitable pair of glasses that will provide a snug fit, and an excellent recommendation for smaller faces is Boston. This model has a lens width of 47mm and is one of the most popular styles in the i-perfect range.

Boston offers a classic design with a silver, spring-hinged metal frame and a half eye lens. The style is suitable for both men and women and they are perfect for everyday use.

Very small reading glasses

Another option is Naples, which is probably the smallest model that i-perfect provides with a lens width of just 42mm combined with a bridge width (the distance between the lenses) of 20mm. The temple length (length of the arms) is also very short at just 128mm.

Medium faces

The majority of I-Perfect models will fall into this category, so readers with a medium sized face can choose from any number of customer favourites including Antigua, Milan, Washington and Nuoro among others.

Wide faces

If you have a wider face, then a pair of reading glasses that is too small will provide an uncomfortable fit and your eyes may not be looking through the centre of the lens.

Verona has a lens width of 52mm, so this is a great model for those with slightly wider faces. The fashionable style includes a patterned brown and black frame which is manufactured from high quality polycarbonate.

Temple length

The temple length gives the length of the frame in mm, and will be between 130mm and 140mm on most models in the i-perfect range.

This measurement is important to make sure that the glasses fit comfortably behind your ears.

Browse our full range of reading glasses for all of our latest styles, and with all frame sizes catered for you should be able to find the best reading glasses for you.