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Jamaica 1

Jamaica 1

  • £699

Half eye reading glasses

These half eye reading glasses combine quality and style with a tortoise brown frame, black arms with a hook and a very comfortable fit.

The style of these glasses means that the narrow, half eye lens is combined with a longer temple length (length of the arms in mm). Read our reading glasses size guide for more details on the sizing of our reading glasses.

This means Jamaica glasses will usually sit low on the nose, so they are ideal to use if you require distance vision while you are reading or working.

These glasses feature a spring-hinged, polycarbonate frame so they are very strong and durable and they are suitable for both men and women. A hook is also included on the frame so they can easily be clipped on to shirt pockets when not in use.

Ideal as a second pair of reading glasses, the Jamaica 1 style is available in a variety of lens powers and they are very competitively priced at just £6.99 per pair.

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