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7 Tips on how to keep your eyes healthy

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Keeping your eyes healthy is important at all ages, and although we may require more help with our vision as we get older it is still essential that we look after our eyes.

There is not much we can do about presbyopia, which is the condition that leads to the muscles in our eyes becoming less flexible over time. Presbyopia means that the lens becomes less elastic as we get older, making it more difficult to focus on objects in the near field of vision.

However, there are plenty of ways to keep your eyes as healthy as possible which will protect your eyesight at all ages!

1 - Keep a Healthy Lifestyle

This may seem obvious, but regular exercise helps blood circulation which in turn improves oxygen levels to the eyes and reduces toxins. We realise that not everybody can make it to the gym, but even a brisk 20 minute walk every day is very beneficial to health.

2 – Avoid smoking

This is very much part of a keeping a healthy lifestyle, as smoking can increase the risk of a number of conditions affecting your eyes as well as the many other detrimental health benefits. Avoiding cigarette smoke completely is the best way to keep your eyes healthy.

3 – Eat a healthy and balanced diet

As well as being beneficial for general health, a balanced and nutritious diet is also great for the eyes. Foods that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants can help protect your vision, so look out for vitamin packed vegetables such as spinach and broccoli as well as fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

These vitamins can also act as a boost to the immune system and help to maintain the health of the macula – this is the part of the eye responsible for central vision.

4 – Give your eyes a rest

As well as getting enough sleep every night, you should also ensure your eyes get sufficient breaks from computers and other screens. If you work in front of a computer every day, then you should be making sure you get a complete break at least 2 minutes every hour. This can be in the form of stepping away from the screen completely or just simply closing your eyes and relaxing.

5 - Regular check ups

Even if your eyes are in good condition, a regular check-up with a medical professional is highly recommended. This means that any change in your vision or possible conditions can be detected at any early stage, and this becomes even more important as we get older and enter our 50’s and 60’s.

6 - Stay protected from the sun

We are all aware of the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, especially when it comes to protecting our skin. It is equally as important to protect our eyes, so a good pair of sunglasses or tinted reading glasses are essential to protect from harmful UV rays. A hat can also help to reduce the amount of sunlight that may filter around the edge of the glasses.

7 – Try a pair of reading glasses!

If you are experiencing eye strain, headaches or have trouble focusing on the near field of vision then don’t be afraid to try a pair of reading glasses!

Reading glasses can help reduce eye strain by magnifying the image to reduce the focal length, and there are now so many styles of reading glasses available you can look great as well as helping your vision.

Ready made reading glasses are also very reasonably priced with some of the best-selling models in the i-perfect range priced at just £5.99 per pair. This means you may want to experiment with a few different styles, and it is also inexpensive to change your glasses if you find you need a higher strength over time. There are models available for both men and women in different colours and styles.

It goes without saying that it is very important to take very good care of your eyes, and with these simple steps it is easy to make eye health an important part of your overall health routine.

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