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Colourful reading glasses

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Reading glasses have come a long way in the last few years, with the image of plain, dull and old-fashioned glasses that were seen as a necessity for older people rather than a fashionable item being well out of date.

There is now such a great range of styles available for reading glasses that choices range from elegant and extremely stylish metal framed glasses through to colourful, trendy and modern frames.

Colourful frames

Colourful reading glasses can be worn by people of all ages, and they will add vibrancy and style to the daytime and can also be used to enhance and complement an evening out.

The i-perfect range consists of over 30 styles, and it is no surprise that some of our most popular and best-selling models are those which include some of the most colourful frames.

Here we take a look at some recommended colourful reading glasses from i-perfect:

Milan reading glasses


Consistently one of our best-selling models, the Milan style is extremely popular with a simple design of a black frame combined with bright red (Milan 1) or vibrant blue arms (Milan 2).

Many customers choose to buy both models as Milan is very affordably priced at just £6.99 per pair, so you can switch the model that you are wearing according to the time of day or the occasion.

Milan reading glasses are suitable for both men and women, and they are manufactured from a high quality polycarbonate frame to provide strength and durability.


Dublin Bay/Lavender Dream reading glasses


Another great selection from our range of colourful reading glasses is the Dublin Bay and Lavender Dream style.

These are really funky reading glasses, with a choice of a deep blue and black (Lavender Dream) or red and black style (Dublin Bay).

Also manufactured from high quality polycarbonate, the Dublin Bay and Lavender Dream style won’t be for everybody but is another very popular model.


Orlando reading glasses

I-Perfect released a fantastic new range of reading glasses for 2016, and among the new models is the Orlando style.

Orlando boasts a mustard frame with black arms, and with a contemporary design has been getting some great feedback from customers looking to try something new this year.


Naples reading glasses


Slimline reading glasses

Although most of the colourful reading glasses from i-perfect are manufactured from polycarbonate, some models such as Naples offer the option of a coloured metallic frame.

Naples provides a slimline style with a spring-hinged, blue metal frame and are beautifully designed for a comfortable fit and discreet look.

Picasso is another model of coloured metal reading glasses, offering a matt navy metal frame. Another feature of Picasso reading glasses is that the lens width is slightly narrower than most models at 46mm, so they are suitable for people with smaller or narrower faces.

You can read our full reading glasses size guide here.

The i-perfect range is updated every year, and with different coloured reading glasses and new styles being released all the time there should be a colour and style for everyone.

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