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How do you find the perfect reading glasses?

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Reading glasses are now such an essential part of everyday life for so many people there is a huge range of quality glasses available to suit everybody’s style and budget.

Here we will take a look at how to choose reading glasses to fit your individual personality, style and requirements.


How to choose reading glassesAll ready-made reading glasses are provided in set levels of magnification, which is measured in dioptres. The weakest power is +1.0 dioptre and all i-perfect reading glasses go through to +3.5 or +4.0 dioptre, which is the most powerful.  

You will need to know your individual prescription in order to buy a pair of ready-made reading glasses, and the best way to obtain this is from your local optician.

You are then ready to browse through the i-perfect range to find the best style for you!



Ready-made reading glasses are now available in a huge range of different styles suitbale for both men and women, and the i-perfect range includes a wide variety of different designs including half eye, frameless and full frames.

If you are going to be concentrating on your reading material for a longer period of time then you will find full frame reading glasses most suitable for the focus and clarity the lenses provide.

In contrast, half eye frames are useful if you need to focus on close work and far range by looking over the top of lenses. Our Jamaica reading glasses have a slim and narrow frame and are perfect for this type of use.

Other types of reading glasses include tinted reading glasses which are great for use in bright conditions, and folding reading glasses which are perfect for use while you are out and about – especially for reading dimly-lit restaurant menus as they fold up into easily transportable cases after use.

Metal frames

Some of our most popular models come from our selection of metal framed reading glasses. These models provide an elegant, stylish and sophisticated look, with the frames manufactured to very high standards and providing superior comfort.

Boston is one of our favourite models in this range, with a silver, spring-hinged optical metal frame and a very comfortable fit. They are suitable for both men and women and are perfect for everyday use!

Grenada reading glassesGrenada is another stylish model with a classic, frameless design that is available in either Gold, Silver or Black.

If you prefer metal frame reading glasses with a splash of colour then try Naples reading glasses which come complete with a blue metal frame.

Colourful reading glasses

Many of the latest and most contemporary styles of i-perfect reading glasses comprise of a high quality, polycarbonate frame. These frames are very strong and durable, and they are also available in some colourful, fashionable and trendy styles!

Dublin Bay reading glassesNuoro, Antigua and Dublin Bay (pictured) are just three of the most popular models in this range with contemporary designs and colourful frames. 



One element about how to choose reading glasses that shouldn’t be overlooked is the frame size.

This can vary dramatically between glasses, and it is important to select a pair of glasses that fit properly.

A correct fit will mean that your eyes are looking through the centre of the lenses and you get maximum benefit from the glasses. A snug fit also means that the glasses won’t slip down your nose if they are too big or be uncomfortable around your ears.

Read our reading glasses size guide for more information about how to choose reading glasses based on size and the various sizes of glasses in the i-perfect range.

One of the best things about ready-made reading glasses is that they are very affordable, so with all i-perfect glasses available between £1.99 and £8.99 per pair you can choose a different style for every day of the week - or a pair for each room in the house if you really can’t decide!


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