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Driving Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are an essential item when driving, especially during the summer months when the sun is at its brightest.

Glare from the sun is often cited as the cause of accidents, and a good pair of sunglasses will reduce glare and reflection so that your eyes can concentrate on the road.

It is important to consider the category of lens in your sunglasses if you are going to use them for driving. Your sunglasses must let through sufficient light so that you can still see clearly, and of course your vision must remain clear at all times.

Sunglasses within the UK are categorised from category zero (clear) to category 4 (very dark), with category 2 and 3 being the most commonly available.

Category 2 lenses have a medium tint and transmit between 18 and 43% of light, and these are recommended as the most suitable for driving within the UK given the usual light levels within a car.

Sunglasses with category 3 lenses and a darker tint can also be used in bright sunlight – although category 4 lenses are too dark and are not suitable for driving at any time.

Stylish Driving Sunglasses

As well as letting through sufficient light for driving, your sunglasses also need to look great!

I-Perfect has a wide range of stylish and great value sunglasses which are suitable for year-round driving, and we have featured some of our models which include a category 2 lens so they are best for use when you are behind the wheel.


Rockfield Sunglasses


Driving Sunglasses

Rockfield Sunglasses / £4.95

The aviator style never seems to go out of fashion, and these sunglasses are no exception with a shiny metal frame and a black polycarbonate lens.

Rockfield sunglasses have a category 2 lens, so they are perfect for driving as well as general use. They are available for just £4.95.

Buy Rockfield Sunglasses


Portland Sunglasses


Portland Driving Sunglasses

Portland Sunglasses / £4.95

Portland sunglasses have a contemporary style with a black frame and red detail on the arms.

They are also fitted with category 2 lenses which are ideal for British summer conditions.

The lenses offer full protection against harmful ultraviolet rays, and these glasses are also priced at just £4.95.

Buy Portland Sunglasses


Bledlow Sunglasses


Bledlow Driving Sunglasses

Bledlow Sunglasses / £4.95

Our final pair of recommended sunglasses for driving is our Bledlow model.

These sunglasses have a grey polycarbonate frame fitted with smoke category 2 lenses, reducing glare and providing full protection from the sun.

Buy Bledlow Sunglasses

Our full range of sunglasses offers a variety of styles and is the perfect complement to our signature range of reading glasses which have models suited for both men and women.

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